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About Darren

Darren is a messenger of love and a heart centered way of being who is here to awaken others into an experience of their own divine nature. Throughout lifetimes, he has served humanity and other collectives as a teacher and student of many enlightened masters and beings. Darren is guided by Christ-Consciousness and Archangel Metatron, and many master teachers and once served as an enlightened Macedonian King.

Darren serves as a vehicle for healing and transformative grace in order to awaken others into the experience of their own divine nature through the vehicle of a shaktipat transmission. This presence contains within it, everything we have been looking for in the outside world…unconditional love, creativity, beauty, peace, joy, and wisdom that is beyond the ordinary mind’s capacity to know. A world of incredible love and light is awakened in each of us as a result.

With a degree in Biological Science and Dentistry, Darren practiced as a dentist for forty six years. Throughout this time, his passion for finding answers to life’s bigger questions, led him to meet an enlightened meditation master of the Siddha Yoga lineage, who awakened him into the experience of his divine nature. He followed these teachings and practiced meditation daily for thirty years after his awakening. During this time, he also traveled to India many times, where he volunteered his dental services to the local people. He now shares his own self-awareness with others, by assisting them to open their hearts and expand their consciousness.

“It was my first ever experience
where I could float.”

– Karen Grimaldo

Testimonial | Karen

Before my awakening sessions with Darren my life was made up of normal grown-up problems, always in a hurry, stressed about bills, stressed about marriage, etc. The first couple times I sessions with Darren nothing really happened.  I thought I was broken.  I saw how others had great experiences and I was just not there.  I think one of my biggest challenges to overcome was fully letting go of myself.  I have always been scared of the unknown, scared of opening up, scared of letting go. Darren’s presence has always been very calming and trusting.  One day he asked me if I wanted to have a session with  just the two of us and with no hesitation I said yes.  I knew we were alone and decided to fully let go. It was my first ever experience where I could float.  I was in a dark, still, and peaceful place. I thought it was a little strange to feel that I was out of my body in a dark area, but I was not scared. I wanted to explore more what this was.  I kept walking and trying to see anything other than dark and that’s when I realized that the dark was ok, it felt peaceful.  There was stillness that I have never experienced due to life going from 0 to 100 all the time.  Then our timer rang.  After this experience it was easy to try and go back to the dark, peacefulness that was within me.

The knowledge I took from this session was time is limited, but you don’t have to rush. Rush for what? I had a bad habit of rushing my son to school so I would not be late to work. There was a certain time I had to leave him early at school so that I wouldn’t be too late getting to work. I realized that precious time with my son he would remember and the one thing he would remember is his mom dropping him off to get to work. I realized that being late was ok.  You are not going to be richer, nor will you be poorer, but to your son you will be remembered as being the mom that cared enough to take him to school. I learned to love myself for who I am. I learned to let the little things slide. I learned that in this world we are so much more than just this. I learned that I want to be love itself.

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