Mentorship – Darren Sadge



We are all here to awaken others to an authentic experience of their true Divine Nature, but through unique vehicles and consciousness. Your special gifts are a gateway to transforming others, deeply fulfilling your life purpose while also creating meaningful change on the planet. Darren Sadge provides a container to awaken to your true Divine nature and activate it as a vehicle for uncovering the same within others.

We are in the midst of incredible times on Earth. Many are just coming to realize there is more to living a fulfilled life than material wealth and societal success. Darren’s mission is to strip away the roadblocks to your authentic, pure presence while determining how you may be a conduit for transforming grace to awaken others. Participants will personally mentor under Darren to bring themselves into a state of coherence in preparation to guide others through their awakening process.

Finding out if it’s right for you…

Darren first conducts a personal inquiry with each applicant to better understand their goals, level of consciousness and whether the program is right for them. This meeting is conducted free of charge and often uncovers valuable insights used to guide new students within the program. This mentorship experience is not for everyone and it is important to note that no one student is the same as any other. You may find that a two year immersion is necessary or desired to reach your level of potential, while others uncover their personal path in only two months. There is no set standard other than the alignment and evolution of your soul with Darren’s guidance and vibrational transmissions.

Once accepted into the program, you will work both individually and in small groups to expand consciousness. This is designed to curate and deepen the relationship with your inner Divine. The program also includes practicing with others to guide and facilitate their journey to transforming grace. Darren will conduct group activations twice monthly to enhance your connection with your true divine presence.

Rise as an Ascended Master on Earth.

The most incredible benefit of the program is one-on-one sessions with Darren. You will meet twice per month to evaluate progress, improve heightened states of coherence and alignment and tailor the journey ahead. These sessions are designed to receive guidance and teaching, as well as vibrational transmissions. As the readiness to embark on your personal teaching journey emerges, Darren provides support to help you reach your highest potential as an Ascended Master on Earth.