Testimonial List – Darren Sadge

Testimonial List


2Gabi GallegosI look forward to our awakening meditation sessions, to his loving kindness and always calming presence. Every experience is different. But always deeply loving, peaceful and extremely relaxing. One really profound and beautiful experience was when one day we were sitting across from each other and I saw an image in my mind... Two beings sitting, like us, across from one another in brilliant white space. They were both bright yellow-gold in color and they were connected by glowing golden rods. Just an amazing image of connection. Now, when I think about this session, it’s much easier to reconnect my mind and feel more grounded. Darren, thank you for being the wonderful loving teacher that you are!http://darrensadge.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Gabbing-Gallegos-scaled-e1611169029762.jpg
1Patty DavisMy name is Patty Davis. I\'ve had the wonderful opportunity several times to sit in awakening sessions with Darren Sadge. I\'m currently in my early 60\'s and have been meditating off and on since I was 19 years old. Therefore, I have had many deep and beautiful experiences through these years. Yet, in the sessions with Darren, I have had a fascinating and different experience than in my practice so far. The first time that I sat with Darren, I was amazed how I continued to be aware of my thoughts and surroundings, yet, feeling extremely present and aware with no attachments to the thoughts. Within the first 10 min, a presence enters into my field. My arms and hands feel as if they are huge and my heart opens first in my auric field and then from within. Also, the most amazing thing is that the whole time it feels as if someone is very precisely working on me clearing out static, stuck energy and even at times working with the glands in my head. Darren creates a safe and loving space for healing. He truly has a gift!http://darrensadge.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/patsy-img04.jpg